Voli - Gone for Good ft. Justin Baron (Prod by Voli)

by Voli

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It seems that anything worth fighting for is worth leaving something behind for. Some strive to leave behind the pain and struggles they know in order to live a life worth living. What would you do? Got to collaborate with the talented Justin Baron on this one. Enjoy.


So dim the lights, dim the lights

Fade out, fade out

(Justin Baron)

So I’m leaving, leave my doubts at the door

“Cause I’m tired, tired of losing my way

Now I’m sure that I won’t be back again

And I won’t be back again

Who cares if they’ll believe me?

“Cause I’m gone for good


Uh, send this letter to my loved ones

Let ‘em know I care, but I’m no longer who I once was

This life is but a mirror

We reflect to wipe it clearer, this your poem, write yourlyrics

It’s your song, I can hear it, sing me the melodies of yourtroubles

Write the soliloquy of your hunger, play me the symphony ofyour struggles

This recession, this recession, that cancer in regression

Will insurance finally cover, like a blanket or a sweater?

There’s no answer to these questions, soldiers out there gettingmurdered

Mother lose her son to war, baby, who’s the one to call?

Preoccupied, she don’t even know her daughter’s getting cyber-bullied

Thoughts of suicide are daily, can I ask this shit moreclearly?

Is this life? Darlin’ tell me, is this right?

Cuz if it is, I’ll be the first one to bring us elsewhere

Out this hell here, sometimes you gotta leave to arrive


I’m searching for redemption

Point me in the right direction

I’m sorry I’ve made my choice


I leave it all, leave it all, like the trees I leave it all

But I don’t fall, see this my rise up, make it count beforemy clock’s up

Seen my family goin through pain, seein that growing upshows you things

It made me change, it all makes sense, all that pain canmake you great

Forget the doubters, they don’t matter, no savings aftercollege

But I’d rather keep an empty wallet, than to keep an emptypromise

Said I’d make it, Mom, believe me, I know you barely see me

Put myself in isolation, only way to keep me focused, I hateit

But not as much as I’ve hated the fact that I’m underrated

You got a gift, you should take it, then give it to em, nowaitin

I’m good as gone, gone for good, million miles and runnin

Ignore the cowards that fronted, I’m solar-powered, I son(sun) em

Wit’ my light, Darlin I made em see the light, yah

I told ya that I’d be the first one to bring us elsewhereout this hell here, sometimes you gotta leave to arrive



(Justin Baron)

Don’t you make me stay, there ain’t no other way

Don’t you make me stay, there ain’t no other way

‘Cause I’m leaving in the morning, and I’m never lookingback

Don’t you make me stay, there ain’t no other way


I’m gone for good, I’m gone for good


released March 8, 2012



all rights reserved