by Voli

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track: Kraddy - Android Porn


Voli - Turbulence

Holla, call me the ELEKTRONIK

Superman flow, I can redirect comets

A sick hunger in me, I’m releasin’ that vomit

Your plate’s too little, I only eat them tectonics

So move over, ‘xcuse my shoulders

Move with the soldiers and do what you’re supposed ta

I mess up careers, embarrass crews (Cruise) like Oprah

“FUCK YO’ COUCH, NIGGA,” my shoes on ya sofa

And I can look into the mind of the non-believer

Show ‘em what happens when you put a diamond in ether

You’re not playin’ with me unless it’s Follow the Leader

Ya try to imitate my sound: Onomatopoeia

I’m feelin’ like a gladiator in the coliseum

I finally learned to seize the day, homie, Carpe Diem

Superman is a god, better rise up

Feel that turbulence rise from the ground up


Now Air Traffic Control, I’ma tear down this whole damn zone, May Day

That Air Traffic Control better clear me for take off Go, Go

That Air Traffic Control not used to that turbulence, Oh-No

I take off like a bat out of hell and I’m rev’d to go, Go

YAH, now wait till they get a load of me

As I pop from the bottom, I’m a soda machine

Ready for change and those dollars you been owein’ me

I’m cold, watch me give these hot boys low esteem (lower steam)

Get it, some love me some hate me

Overfed bullshit and still ya underrate (under-ate) me?

They say I’m next, but I tell ‘em that I’m last

I am the Omega, Future, Present, Past

Your girl is lookin at me like a star

She lookin at you for what you are

I’m married to this game like a female

Fuck the bride before the wedding, I do prevail (Pre-Veil}

Say my name, say my name

Destiny’s child and her baby is awake

And what you have awoken is a beast

Nuthin’s gonn stop my feast


Now all aboard, see that flight there takin’ off?

Ya sleepin on me, I’m a nightmare, wake ‘em up

And they complainin’ we don’t fight fair, break it up

Cuz they behind a couple light years, chasin us

And where ya finish line is I begin to climb

So while my name is buzz-in like a intercom

I’m gonna line up with the stars like a Gemini

And kill the muthafuckin crowd like a genocide

Hello, (Hello) welcome to my new world

And I don’t know where you were goin’

But welcome


Now buckle up or choose another airliner

I’m blowin up, ya lookin like that underwear bomber

Ya listenin to a piece of classical Americana

Why they try to terminate me like the son of Sarah Connor

Uh, I’m worldwide but I ain’t done here either

Hit up Omen in the Chi and said I’m comin there, holla

Told Cole I wanna ride, he told me come to Carolina

And I’’ll prolly go global, I’ll be up in Air China

And maybe I can make the whole galaxy officially a playpen

I got the Earth covered like a blanket

Now these new broads wanna hover like a spaceship?

Everybody wanna be my buddy on Facebook?

Feelin like a man on fire

Burnin up, soakin in the flames of desire

I just wanna celebrate the day I retire

Look back and tell em that I reigned (rained) through the fire

So I said bye to that old life, Hi to that old mic

Elite kept for me out in Byram

Befo’ I decided to go full throttle

No dreams for me, only goals, New motto

Success is a journey, not a destination

So I’ma move slow like I’m set up in the Matrix

Sumthin like Neo, can I stand up the agents

Labels, A&Rs? Fuck, is this what happens when you make it??



released March 2, 2011
Management: Vic Lopez
Nouveau Classique, LLC.
Artwork: Alex Haldi



all rights reserved