Tommy Gun City (Prod. Voli)

by Voli

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Yeah, religion or power? I choose the latter
Catch me runnin that casino when I move to Nevada
Set up shop in your neighborhood, it's my run
You had me schtarvin', what's that? I beg your pardon
Go get your coffin

Money, women, liquor and drugs
The gunsmoke'll fill your lungs
Now when the devil see me, he gonn run (uh)
Whisky in the palm of my hand, the stripper gonn perform her dance
It's all just a day in the life, well Alright

I tell that man it's a cold cold world, would you rather be loved or feared?
This sub-machine gun speaks many words, let the shots whisper in your ear

Welcome to Tommy gun City, the big body coup with the windows down
This is Tommy gun City, pinstriped suit, boy I run this town
Welcome to Tommy Gun City, front page picture on the New York Times
This is my Tommy Gun City, This is my Tommy Gun City

Mmm, you see this gangster's on the come up
Tommy gun make you fall, so I brandish it for the summer
Hotter than melted butter, made man
Three-piece suit, wing tipped shoes, and the girls up on me like a spray tan
Now, rub me off, lay down
Spaghetti dinners with bosses, we get to business
I talk 'em into submission, extort 'em
They try to switch then I off 'em
Business is really boomin', the feds?
They say I'm headed for prison, silly rumors




released May 12, 2011
Management: Vic Lopez
Guitar: Gavidia
Background vocals: Kate Hillson



all rights reserved