Sweet Sixteen (Prod. Gavidia​/​Voli)

by Voli

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We've all heard the story before...Irresponsible teenage girl who wants to grow up impossibly fast, parent that has to slow them down. I wanted to give a respectful, relatable look at a concept not touched that often in music. As usual, my guitar man Gavidia brings the realness out. This is the first leak off The Wall, due later this summer.


Yeah, Oh my, oh my

Sweet girl with a whole lot to prove

Hot shorts, chuck taylors, tongue fallin out the shoes

15, big dreams, of when a guy might kiss her

Textbook covered up with Twilight stickers

Lip balm turned to lipstick, only on the bus

Cuz if daddy ever caught his girl putting on the blush, oooh

They frown, “Why ya father never trust you?

You tiptoeing on that tightrope, cut loose”

Little baby, little baby, why you in a rush?

Left early, didn’t even finish dinner up

Mini skirt hidden underneath the raincoat

Got a profile I didn’t know about on Facebook

Where, where di I go wrong?

Guess I always hoped you’d come around like a go-kart

This is my sweet sixteen, for the sixteen that I lost, babyso long

Where’d you go?


Wasted hours, counting every second wishing I could pressrewind

(Ooh ooh ooh ooh)

Darling, don’t pass me by

Is this the test of time?

Darling, don’t pass me by

Don’t pass me by, by, by…bye

Single father with a whole lot to lose, ugh

I love my daughter but she don’t follow rules

Now she late for her curfew

Tried to make the smell of alcohol and the marijuana fadewith the perfume

School called, telling me she’s late for first period

I’m fed up, it’s too late for her, Period.

Ran home, found her in the bathroom

Said she skipped outta school cuz she’s late for her period

Daddy Daddy, please help me, I was in a rush

To grow up, and I hurt ya so much

I don’t blame ya if you hate me

Mommy left because of me, ya tried to cover up for me, tellme that it wasn’t me

Why? Why can’t do right?

Dad I know you wish you had a sun, but I’m the moonlight

Darker than that sweet sixteen, this sweet sixteen righthere’s for the chance of a new life, Take me home

Take me home where the stars are clear

Take me home and erase my fears

Take me home, where the sorrow gets better

Take me home, take me home

Home, home, home, home, home, home, home, home, home

Take me home, home, home, home, home

Five years old, taught you how to ride a bike

Nine years old, taught you how to fly a kite

Sixteen years, I’m supposed to show you how to drive

Not this, not now, my baby, my child

I’ve been saving, picked out your college

Bought a new car, put down a deposit

So what now? What are we supposed to do? Help me

You gonna rally for that baby when the diaper’s too smelly?

You gonna buy the crib? Are you wealthy?

Oh, you an adult now, right?? Well, do tell me

What’s the next step, huh? Your mother shoulda left noteswhen she left, huh?

Well, it’s just us, forget her

Where do we go now?

I just wish I had a son, it’s so cold out

You were my sweet sixteen

This sweet sixteen right here’s for the life that we knownow, take us home


released April 26, 2012
Management: Vic Lopez - VicLopezMgmt@gmail.com



all rights reserved