Guns N Roses ft. Bebe Rexha (Prod. Voli)

by Voli

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She loves the good guys, falls for the bad guys. She wants the Guns and the Roses, but baby you can't have it all... Fellas can relate to this one. The talented Bebe Rexha gives the female perspective. Stay tuned for a sampler of my project, "The Wall" dropping the first week of June.


You don't like me

You say you like the good guys
But when I act nice you act bourgeois
I gotta be a dick to make you look twice
You playing with me like play dough
You only like assholes, baby thats anal.

Can't beat 'em might as well join 'em
No more feelings (fillings) but I'm all about drillin 'em
My heart turned cold so I break yours furthermore
Funny how a brother had to switch just to turn you on

This man you once knew, he is dead
Dead to the world
Broken hearts left bleeding on my bed
All on my bed
Loveless gun play, the roses are gone
And you want it both ways, but baby you can't have it all
No, you can't have it all

Well it's all right, all right
I won't be your friend, then your man, then your enemy
And it all right but make up your mind
It's not enough just to be a good guy

I know our

Love is hopeless, she wants those.
Guns n Roses, oh
Heavy metal, I hide my scars with my guitar.
Because my trust is broken, won't give you my
Guns n Roses, no
Raise my weapon and darlin' I'll show you my rock n roll

(Bebe Rexha)
This girl you once knew she is dead
My broken heart left bleeding on your bed
All on your bed
Say you want Jackie but you bring home Marilyn
You want it both ways but baby you can't have it all
No you can't have it all

But its alright All right
These tears will have dried by the time you come back for me
And its alright, I've made up my mind
Surrender these guns, time to find a good guy


Oh sugar I woulda traveled the world for you
That love deep, I pull it outta the earth for you
But you were chicken, that salmonella is drippin
Couldn't see it, wouldn't hear it like Helen Keller
You women never satisfied, rather turn a bad guy good
Than to hold a good guy down. Well baby, look what I found
Ego so large, just to even those odds
You made a playboy outta me, shame how it had to be, huh
She loved the baseball players from her high school
She let the frat boys feed her with the ice luge.
The right dudes never got out the friend zone
Had to be a player cuz I'd rather see the end zone



released May 22, 2012



all rights reserved