Frosh Year Freestyle (Prod. Voli)

by Voli

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"Frosh Year Freestyle" (prod. Voli)

One Hell of a year, 20-10,
but 20-11 is when Heaven appears
So hallelujah send me God,
Alice Cooper let me Rock
I take aim and get the mark
like I was Jenny from the block
The Bulls eye, the heart of a lion
ahead of my time, I oughta retire,
you can forget the past alziehmers,
I am the future, I'ma sure sign of whats to come
and yet you rappers ain't seeing me like a sucker punch
Freshman year I crash the parties
of you upper class men
I take your girls, take your liquor, steal a couple glasses
Them older girls revolve around me like a double action
Email my professor, I don't think I'll be up for classes
sweet as molasses, back at it an hour later
Hey shout to DJ Booth, they show love without the flava
I'm that alpha omega so call me frat boy
Special, I got the super genes, Fat Boy

Now do you believe in karma
and Do you believe with hard work
in time you'll be rewarded
One day I'll pay my parents back
for keepin me in college
I know they feelin im about to blow,
like I was breathing on them
I'm just a Freshman in this game,
don't nobody know my name
but I will fuck the game hard,
& make it take the walk of shame,
so i spit my flame on, they bit like Canines,
wit soul like De La
get it in like K Y, Yah

Welcome to the suburbs,
we don't wave the burner
but sometime we get sunburned
went to college with the hopes of getting booty out of it
found a keg stand and nearly lost my scholarship
Graduated got a 9 to 5 to replace school
now im trying to turn the tables in that DJ Booth dot
Net cold but i'm still hot
The rest of yall are in between,
I let you simmer in the pot


released October 27, 2010
Management: Vic Lopez
Nouveau Classique, LLC.



all rights reserved