In the Meanwhile (The Showcase)

by Voli

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released September 8, 2011
Twitter: @VoliTheEntity
Management: Vic Lopez -



all rights reserved
Track Name: Stress
Look in the mirror, see my enemy, my greatest friend
Make me happy, then make me guilty like some fingerprints
Like I shouldn’t pursue my dreams, weren’t you the one
That told me we could be the greatest? But then we grew up
I guess we change the second we age, forget where came for that picket fence
American dreams that our parents had as immigrants
We go to school and graduate it with honors
Then most of our salaries go back to payin’ for college, huh
Now, we back to stay with our mommas
Either that or wait for that tax break from Obama
Sippin that Brooklyn Lager, plottin’, I’m like Ciabatta
Takin that new role (roll) to get the bread, in the end I
Pray to this god that I barely believe in
Tell him he should give me the word, but he buried the meaning
Ya see this, life is a bitch, and she’s very conceited
Wishin’ she would just let me ball (bald), but I’m barely recedin’
My demons, become my reality, ‘fraid of bein’ average like my salary
The game don’t give me credit…I charge like a cavalry
Or that battery, powered to the max…
Time is more than just a hour in a glass
We spend our whole life saving
Then spend our whole life savings
That mid-life’s crazy
Forget that, I’ll be forever dreamin’, and yet I’m never sleepin’
I pour this liquor for my inner demons, Goodnight
Yeah, I tell my demons goodnight
For now, maybe I’ll see ‘em in the mornin’
Ironic, I had to die a lil bit and yet it brought me to LIFE
They say that life is what you make it, so baby why you livin’ your life this way?
That’s a hell of a price to pay…
Nobody said it was easy, these dark shadows light my pain
So now that we’ve hit this ceiling, do we just disintegrate through the flames?
How come we don’t know?
How come we don’t know?
How come we don’t know?
We blow with the wind…
Track Name: Pity ft. J. Cole & Omen
(J. Cole)
Yeah, sip of this muthafuckin drink
Lean back, Volatile
Yeah, yeah, Hey
Is this the life that ya chose for me? Is this the life that ya chose for me
Is this the dice that was rolled for me, I won't cry about it, I won't cry about it
Is this the life that ya chose for me, Lord, Is this the life that ya chose for me?
Is this the dice that ya rolled for me, yeah, yeah

This is the Ville, home of the fast lifers
Where we get high and don't come down, we gas prices
Man I wonder how hard to live my past life was
Cuz this one hard, I can show you my scars
I ain't cryin tho
Ey, save that pity for the next man
Or that girl getting beat down by her ex man
Ey hold ya head, mama, I know you wish that nigga dead, mama
"If I could find a way to kill him, I won't have no drama"
Dear Mama, tell me who ya love
This one is for the boy that see his mama on drugs
I feel your pain, boy, and just know I been through the same, boy
That lady need you more than ever, don't be ashamed, boy
Cuz when it rained, boy, that was yo' umbrella
The one that changed your pissy sheets when you was a young fella
And now she in her bedroom, on her knees
Starin' at the sky, screamin Lord please, tell me now

Is this the life that ya chose for me? Is this the life that ya chose for me
Is this the dice that was rolled for me, I won't cry about it, I won't cry about it
Is this the life that ya chose for me, Lord, Is this the life that ya chose for me?
Is this the dice that was rolled for me? I won't cry about it, I won't cry about it, hey

It's like...soon as you cling on, my mind saying be gone
I leave em' with wrinkled foreheads they now Klingons
Confused cause friendships abused and I'm sorry for it
My life performance been trifling, some nights I fight my conscience
Was never given spades, but I always had the heart Always misplaying the hand I was dealt, the joker cards
Is what I was feeling like, lonely, low energy
Falling slow clinically, ballin? no, but we finna be
Don't pity me ever, even when them haters bantering Mindstate of the victor, no victim, I'm just a champion Money coming slow God, intervene
Spirit's never broken, I'm just focused don't pity me
No no no
Ya see this pain put a strain on my whole life
I seen the rain, seen my dreams turn to long nights
But all I ask is don't pity me no no, don't pity me no no
Don't pity me

I can't cry about, gotta be strong, can't cry about it, hey

And I freestyle life, can barely write the rent
Yearly income can barely keep this music life in check
Call up mommy, hate to borrow money with Christmas near
Hey, you know what? How bout we make each other gifts this year?
Friends are callin me up, askin me if I'm signed yet
Who I'm workin with, am I making dollar signs yet?
Disappointment within their voices, do they pity me?
Disbelief, I'ma stay driven like them city streets
But, ohhh, it seems like every day is rainy weather
Can barely fit my pain and pride beneath the same umbrella
But he don't care, he don't care, his heart'll keep him dry
No more caterpillar, now you see him change, peeping tom
Yah, this life will flash before your eyes
So get your match before your fire turns to ash
No more drive, no more gas
Before you cry, get your laughs
Before you die, live your path
With no regrets, broken necks, no looking back, man

Track Name: Fade Away
Hey… How you doing? Long time no see…

Small town girl big city dreams
Always driven you were livin in that limosine
Its kinda random how I ran into her
She had that same college body had to hand it to her
The wine section of the liquor store of all places
Was a regular there just short of being a store favorite
Now aint it funny how lately I’ve been thinking about the old days
And there she was a rose picking out some rose
I used to polish that Bicardi at the frat party
At 3 a.m. I’d visit her in front the dormitory
And talk about life we did it all the time
And there was something there but I could never cross the line
Her roommate had a man so she was never there
And suddenly the rum had me feeling debonair
Our bodies rubbing tight clothes coming loose
We did something we should never do

Cause then things changed
Cause then things changed
Left in pain cause we knew deep down things would never be the same
Yeah, you see those Lights cameras action play the movies of our lives
The scene gonna fade away, fade away, fade away
I wonder if we should have paused
I wonder if we would have gone farther
Instead we fade away, fade away, fade away

Small town girl with a very big problem coming her way, baby
Young dumb boy but a smartass never learned to act his age, baby
Next morning brunch was a little awkward
Quiet now we’re missing the comfort of even talking
Jealousy and unreturned phone calls then I get the IM that’s when it all goes wrong
Funny how the world keeps spinning even when I stand still and the world keeps living their lives
She told me she was 3 weeks pregnant
She could barely speak each sentence
Head spinning, vertigo, floor turning vertical
Thought the sex was worth it though assumed she had the birth control
Honestly my first reaction told me to deny it
But there’s honesty in pain I saw it streaming from her eyelids
Sometimes I think I might have been a better man to marry her
Went from academic plans to unplanned parenthood
Planned parenthood, something in her died
Not just the baby it was something in her eyes


Fast forward 5 years I’m at the store to buy beer
And its awkward but we both act cordial to hide the fear of the pain
Always wondered if she’d changed her demeanor was the same
She said she was engaged almost done at St. James for her residency
Told her I was teaching mathematics at an elementary
Congratulations then we both parted ways
Into the night where the scenes seem to fade

Cause they just fade
In life they just fade
Left in pain
Cause we knew deep down things would never be the same

Track Name: Here
What would I be if I lost
the key to my pulse
The beat of my drum
the memory of my home
I know you think you see me before your eyes
but my mind is off in that sky
I am not Here
I am not HERE

Think of the days when I was younger
My father knew it all
mama was like an angel, never caught her doing wrong
couldn't wait to be grown up, sleelpin late as I wanna
Tooth Fairy and Santa, couldn't wait for them to show up
thought I could be a hero, Captain Planet never thought that I could be a zero
When I was older, thought I could be a superstar
That almost faded like the image of a shooting star
So let me sing you my song
bury my soul in the words of a verse that will never end
I tell my future to open the door I’m stepping in
hey father time stop dead beatin get your kid
enough to make a man religious, searchin that crystal ball for an image
wishing we would(wood) surface, but it’s all in the finish
Tomorrow's not promised
but the future is ours, Ironic


Where did he go - o
Where is the man that I know
I search for the pieces I damaged
love me or hate me I vanished
I am not here, I am not here

the sun rise in the East, where the winters get cold
and the guys wanna cheat, when the women get old
you work your whole life, now recession got your wealth
outta retirement in Costco stocking shelves, ughhh
Damn homey, in college you were the man homey
what the fuck happened to you
huh, I gotta ball, gotta show like its half time
trying rise, trying peak before the flat line
the beat of your heart is what keeps you from dying
but what keeps you alive, are we living alive
yea, I know you thinkin you fly
but I’m outta space where the stars shine brighter
and I know I'll stay high for as long as I light up
now, the mirror showing what I nearly lost sight of
this pilot got a very long flight up, goodbye


I try to budget between that life that I'm up in
and the life that I covet
will I pay the credit bill, or buy the mic that I've wanted
who could show me the balance, who could help me to challenge
what I know, I wonder will my talent ever to show
maybe I'll lose a few friends to my destiny
maybe I'll make amends with my enemies
maybe my job will finally get rid of me
I ain't waitin till they decide (the side)
I'm the dinner meat

Momma please don't cry
I promise you the sky
I'll show you why you worked that 9 to 5
I'll make you proud
It’s not just all in vain
I'll heal you of your pain
So let me lead the way

Track Name: New Religion ft. SYOR
(Kid Digit.O)

I never said I'm heaven sent

Benevolent or seraphim a reverend has never blessed me there's plenty better men than just me I guess I

just met destiny and when she said I

was meant to be nothin better

I fucked her head up I said I'm fed up

I'll never let up

and even if I never win I'm leaving as a better man the penitentiary you fence me in could never dead a mans dreams it'll never end you must believe

And it seems that I never been who you think never fit in your measurements I'll never be one of you like theres two of me and

There's a few of me your suit never suited me

My school was truancy news flash ya news caster knew jack his news wasn't new to me its what they want you to see

So they could mold ya to what they want you to be

But you are free

Even if they lock you up you can change who they thought you was You can be who you want because there's no chains that can stop your thoughts there's no cage that can lock us all there's no way we will not be forced to go away the only thang they can do is to stop my pulse and still my words ring thru the

Blocks we fought to find you when you think all is lost


This is my new religion

This is my new religion

A prisoner of ambition

Will anybody listen?

This is my new religion


He's sinking deeper even more,

Amassed a pile of secrets, can't keep them like before

They spilling out, seeping through the floors

parents seeking the cause, ain't seen this coming, they ain't speakin anymore

They sensed a change, they wanna intervene

but can't seem to get close, will things ever be the same

he just wanna get ghost

packed an extra change of clothes in his coat

hit the corner, switch his gear, now he's ready to post

he don't relate to what his dad be talking/ he feels betrayed

feels like everything he says gets washed away

they just look the other way

more concerned with keeping up with what others say

ignored another day, he just slowly suffocates

wraps his bandana tighter

met some dudes that he admired

was inspired, they said

son, we'll walk with you into the fire

we'll be there with you when everyone retreats, repeat we'll there for you when no one else can be

He told him how long waited, told them look nobodies here

He told him how far he searched, looked high looked low nobody cared

He told them bout all the pain he felt but buried deep inside

He looked into his fathers eyes and said



My brain is in the future, my heart is in the moment

I try to put my past in a coffin, can I close it?

Goin back and forth between the limbo that I live in

And the way of life I think will be the window into heaven

Or will it be my prison, solitary confinement

Meditatin, the booth is the monastery, the mind is

Is the only enemy that I have

The paranoia got me losin every friend that ive had

Slave to the dollar in this quarter life crisis, borderline lifeless

Shouldn't even put a donor heart on my license

Ughhh im revived by the beat gimme ten seconds

See me reppin with these bars, bench pressin

Never go out, buried in my obsession

If you relate, well then you've inherited my religion

A lifetime of solitude, I don't need anybody

Big change comin, im savin every penny

Track Name: Autumn Air
These are the bad times, what happened to the good times
what happened to the sunset that you said would rise again
what happened to the promises we made to try again
I guess we had our fingers crossed

Its hard to let a good girl go
but baby it would be foolish for me to think that this situation
is something that i could control
I know I cheated
Woman I know, I see it in your eyes i could read 'em
and they readin' like the epilogue after the Last Chapter
but you couldn't find the right way to say it like bad grammar
arguing over dishes, laundry and other business
ballin over those tissues, we glossin' over the issue baby
thought I could be what you needed when you said you forgave me
give you that picket fence, the ring, the kids, the Mercedes
thats what you wanted ain't it, stop walkin now face me
we not talkin its crazy, don't ignore me I hate it
at least if your angry at me I know that you still care
why am I reaching for something as if its still there
I wasn't faithful but how long should I be paying for it
forgiveness is on the menu and I be waiting on it

No more Sunshine, No more summer breeze
Before the cold, the Autumn is when she leaves (its when she leaves, its when she leaves)
When she leaves, we inevitably fall (and we just fall, we just fall, the memories are gone)
That Autumn Air makes her love me no more, she loves me no more

Look, is it easier just to walk away and demonize me
honey you see my eyes, the reason we keep alive is written on my face
remember college, second semester finals
quizzing each other while we stripping each other for hours
freshman year was ours
we were each others sugar but somewhere it went sour
it broke my heart that you thought it was something that you did
you weren't good enough, baby that's just stupid
I don't know maybe it was the pressure,
maybe I couldn't meet the expectations of your sister
mother, uncles, and aunts asking when we getting married
maybe I never felt I was good enough for your daddy
barely making good salary, how could we make a family
then reality sunk in, then the doubt in me snuck in
then that led to the night of me going out when I'm drunk
and something was grindin on me then I don't remember nothing


I can't believe I let a good girl go
but once a good girl goes, she's gone forever
picture perfect we were drawn together
somehow, even though I saw the signs we were lost together
but lets be honest you never really forgave me
but I understand baby the jealousy made you crazy
and then you just shut off, I couldn't find the on button
I tried everything, I nearly lost my mind from it
Man, you don't shit like that, you don't forgive me for my sins
and take that shit right back
you don't give me another chance as if this shit might last
8 years behind us and we end just like that
Damn, and now the winters so cold
I wander like the man that could never go home
Living in the memories of something we had
baby tell me, will the summer ever be back

Track Name: Look Up (Prod. Voli/Omen)
Now tell me where I gotta go from here
Do I change my life?
Left the alarm clock ringin, wearin that pillow like its part of my image
Let my dreams live about four or five minutes more
Hey send me an angel
Tell her to give me the strength that I need to go on
Commutin through this AM traffic
The road is unclear through the radio static
No manual for life, so I stay in automatic
Dead end job got me livin on front street
Day to day relying on the bread like lunch meat
Is this the life that I worked so hard for?
Now is this debt really worth this armoire
Or this plasma, or this foreign car?
I don’t know, it’s the game I play
Live day by day, let me say my grace
So please let me say my grace
We look for the American dream
They show us our lives on a 20 inch screen
Baby girl, life ain’t everything it seems
The heart is where the home is
And you wonder why we wander like the homeless?
Shit they say you should’ve been a lawyer
But eighty grand in school loans could’ve been avoided
If you’da told the universe what you really wanted, but…
Close your eyes for a moment, maybe you can see

They say that heaven is a place on earth
So please don’t cry, let’s try to wash the pain in those eyes
Baby look up, look up, up to the sky
(So when we gonn fly?)
I know it’s hard, we don’t know what tomorrow brings
Today is for us
So baby look up
Yeah, this is how we live when we don’t let nobody tell us how we live
And everything I am, no longer measured by the things I had
The things I had…So can I live my path?

This is the verse of a lifetime, the realest shit I ever wrote
This is what disturbs me at night time, no sleep bright and early when the light shines
Picture that like a Nikon, 4 minutes
Can I save the world with the right rhyme?
The story of a generation
Had goals for the finish line, but never made it, uh
Old dreams, the good die young
This hateful world never took my love away, away
I know its hard for ya, honey
Dropped out of school to work hard for the money
Daddy out of work, now you gotta pay the mortgage
Just a few months before the bank forecloses
Just the other day, you were thinking bout diplomas
You were thinking bout diplomas
Now I know you need a shoulder, funny how lack of time can make you feel older
But I guess that’s life, nuthin left but to make things right
I know the stars seem far from your window
But its only so far if you think so

Track Name: The Righteous Remain (Prod. SMKA)
Nouveau Classique yah
Nouveau Classique yah
Midsummer nights, late winter days
Time flies and under the wings I stay
To lift my plane beyond the sun, to shine as one
Fear and pain is givin’ me shade
They used to work overtime within my brain
No they’re demoted to minimum wage
The suburbs where I hail from
This school degree is absurd, shit don’t help none
That 9 to 5 is dead end, no pay off, just that severance
So you waste your gifts, no presence (presents)
All for the money, funny how we livin’ our lives for dead men
Uh-uh, no sir, shift gears to the fast lane, gimme that champagne
I’m first, you second like a last name, now they bumpin’ my joints, no backpain
Put it on, takin off like a jet airliner
Sayin’ I’m cold (Cole) like I rep Carolina
Rap so blunt, like I puff marijuana
Drop that kick just enough to bare my soul (sole)
Yeah, this is my soul, uh this is my soul
This is my soul, This is my soul
The righteous, the righteous remain
Yah, the righteous remain alive, don’t tell me truth
Tell me lies, my reality is I’m living in the sky
This is that Blue Cross Anthem, H & M, J. Crew
Roth IRA bombers, school ya like my Alma Mater
6 O’Clock alarm set, we that Logitech click (clique)
Hewlett Packard on my desk, on that 9 to 5 shit?
Nooo, this lust for life, love her to death
Will she become my wife? Can’t think of any prenupt she’ll like
Till death do us part, I’ma hug her tight, never let go, I’m klepto
It’s mine, took it back like retro, I can smell that green like pesto
Am I in it for the money or the music? Everything I do it’s like I gotta prove shit
And they thought I couldn’t spit? No mucus
Keep my beats (beets) so cold, produce shit
One time, two time, three time
No goals will fall by the wayside, no strings attached, no bassline
No North Korea, they’ll never take my soul (Seoul)
Yeah, so I’m at work, right
And this woman says to me
“What is your fallback plan?
When do you say to yourself, ‘Alright it’s time to quit, make some money? When is your deadline?’”
As if this is a distraction, when in reality…
Everything else is a distraction
Track Name: Anytime He Goes Away
ugh I'm gone till November, I packed my bags
left you this poem as a memento
honey I won't forget ya, I'll be back before the winter
when i shine like the summer to keep you warm like a placenta
but until we meet again let a man be a man
Auf Wiedersehen let me fly, get em hooked, Peter Pan
you screaming at me, cuz lately you see the credit card debt is large
we even tried a money seminar, but for what?
to get a new suit for the office, or buy ham at the supermarket
gettin loofahs at target?
Nah, too worried bout the rent, health insurance and cancer
too many damn questions, we don't worry bout answers
see life will teach you, so baby let her teach
I'd rather get a letter grade A than have her let us B
so let me set us free, we'll see it through woman
and have faith I'll see you soon woman

I understand you woman, I hear your clock is tickin
the state of mind that you're in (urine), without the pot to piss in
to show that I care, I'll go with you to IKEA
just to make-up like eyecare, but my mind is not there
back in the past again, to that freshman in class again
wishing his academic advisor would stop harassing him
what did I master in, huh? will I ever know?
and we keep gettin bills, like we play in Buffalo
went from trying to make the dean's list to the D list
Kathy Griffin style, yet I still dream big
thats when I go away
steady trying to hold the weight of the world on my shoulder blades
will (wheel)  power, roller blades
When I return, I know you're riding with me
empty man, you fill (feel) the crack like Bobby and Whitney
so let me set us free, we'll see it through woman
and have faith i'll see you soon woman

I can take you further
let me take you further
so honey honey, please don't let those mountains block our sunlight for today
I promise we'll be living in the future, the chains will loosen
see this is my solution, lets Go!

uh uh so let me take you outta here,
uh uh now let me take you outta here
yahh, uh now let me take you outta here
life's cold I'm leavin for the heat call me cavalier

Hey baby, I break those chains baby
I'm back again baby, it ain't no thang baby
so say my name baby, i make you sing baby
you know you're meant for something better
better late than having never lived your life

Life is short but a 6'3" fella gotta rise above
Stand tall, Voli in the building, landlord
super, superman, i'm the future
Forget the sky, the stars is where i'm aimin (amen) Hallelujah
you know I used to Love H.E.R., but now hip hop she lookin beat
like I produced her, shall I abuse her?
I'll take a different position, like Kamasutra,
I'm going hard, these tracks are the eyes of Madusa
they make me rock it, do ya
 know that errrytime I suit up, fix my collar and tie my noose up,
go to work in that hearse that im driving, i stay alive for this music, mama
baby we ain't no zombies lets live it up
no puppets but we gonna let Gavidia string it up.

uh uh Now string it up
yahhh String it up
yahhh uh uh Now string it up
thats my motherfuckin Guitar Man Gavidia

Now let it rock, baby
Let it rock, baby
Lemme rock, baby 
Track Name: Darkside feat. D1 (Prod. D1)
I love you too much, I show it too less
What did you say? Bitch, I know what you said
You make a man hittin’ rock bottom feel lower
So what I had a couple shots of vodka? I’m sober
Don’t need a second mother, if I wanna have another I’m a grown man
You wanna go? Then go then
How did you become my enemy?
Phone is off, then it’s the removal of my wedding ring
Then it’s driving under the influence of the devil’s drink
Heading to the club, where I forget about everything
The girl across the bar
She don’t know about my pain, she don’t know I lost my job
But she make me feel young again
Just for one night, I feel like another man
How did I get here? Bartender says I’m at my limit
I try to get another drink, said after that I’m finished
The Guiness and white russians I never should’ve mixed like apartheid

Now I’ve fallen to the darkside, yeah
And I thought I heard your heart cry, yeah
Cuz I’ve fallen to the darkside, yeah
But please don’t let the spark die, no
Maybe one day I can find my way back to you

Uhhh, wake up in my own vomit
On the floor of our apartment, shit I almost choked on it
Ya runnin over to me with a glass of cold water
Tryin’ to clean me up before I see our six year old daughter
I tell you that I love you, you tell me that I’m drunk
Don’t you hear I said I love you? You tell me that’s enough
I barely keep my eyes open, doesn’t matter, can’t see beyond my false pride


Yeah, I know my father was an alcoholic
I gotta hear about it everytime I have a tonic
It’s got a little gin, you worried bout a lil drop?
Promise when I get a job, this liquor’s goin in a box
Hey what you doin? Where you think you goin with our daughter?
Just because I missed parent day at kindergarten?
Now she’s cryin, Molly, shhh, I know you’re hurtin now
Mommy and Daddy got some issues, we gonn work it out
Do you remember my face? The sound of my voice?
Am I just a fool to think that I had a choice
I saw my whole life leave in a range rover
Then took a shot of Beefeater for the hangover
Found my way back to you, baby, all night

Track Name: Prisoner
(Father, yes I am a prisoner

Fear not to relay my crime

The crime is loving the forsaken

Only silence and shame

And now I turn)

Stand up for me one time

Suburbs to the city

Hands up for me two times

Now can ya holla back to me

Stand up for me one time

Suburbs to the city

Hands up for me two times

I’m a prisoner, Ima Ima prisoner, homie

Time to eat, no waitin’ I’m a Sizzler, homie

Quarter-life crisis, man you can ask about me

Now I know I got the gift, they can’t rap (wrap) without me

I’m sorry, boy I’m sorry

Uncle Sam, I been a bad boy, Mike Lowery

Do I declare my checks or declare my independence

I can feel my future disappearin’ with my pension

Bonsoir, ciao to the days of the undergrad

Underage drinkin’, gettin trees like a lumberjack

80, 000 dollars and you claim you outta college

But those loans got you livin’ offa PBJ and Ramen

Mmmm, gas high, can’t afford the octane

No more Thirsty Thursdays, only Furlough Fridays

Government is shuttin’ down, I’m thinkin’

(I am a prisoner) Yah, and now these bars are comin’ out

(Against is the law with its immensity and strength and power, against us is the law)

(Hook 2X)

Uh, so stand up for me one time

Suburbs to the city

Hands up for me two times

Now can you holla back to me

I’ma prisoner, Ima Ima prisoner, homie

Yet these bars set me free like I’m a criminal, homie

Slaves to the whips, addicted to the clothes and the money

Can I change like a roll full of pennies?

We live in that facebook, man it’s all about the status

You’ll have these women dribblin’ if you’re ballin like the Mavericks

Ugh, it’s the media, blame it on the media

Nah, blame these stupid muthafuckas for believin’ them

U.S. defecit got me trippin’, I took the scenic route

Wall Street is doin’ colonics, now watch ‘em clean us out

Stay afloat, that credit got me drownin’ , get my scuba gear

I stay collectin’ unemployment like a souvenir

I got ‘em chantin, but I don’t got the Anthem

Prayin’ to that Blue Cross, Momma got the cancer

Now her body shuttin down, she singin

(I am a prisoner)

Yah but now these bars are comin out

(Hook 2X)

Visions of lightning, Riding the storm

A prisoner of war, don’t know for how long

Is there retribution? Is there nothing more?

Except for these bars, these bars, Ohh-ohh-ohh

Uh I’m a prisoner, prisoner to this industry, homie

Raise that middle class finger, do it visibly, homie

The game is like that strip club, they say I need singles

I gotta get my chips up, they say I need Pringles

Now it’s do or die, doin’ this for you and I

Do it for the teenagers out there committin suicide

Do it for the out of work father, you are my brother now

(I am a prisoner) Yah, and now these bars are comin out

(Hook 2X)
Track Name: Sin City
I’m headed for the sin city where the pretty women and liquor is sweet
The money spreadin’ like the air that you live and you breathe
Flashing lights, celebrities everywhere
Jealousy everywhere, the pressure of heavy stares, yeah
Model vixen on my lap while I’m Moscato sippin
She says she loves me but I know she’s on that Scottie Pippen
Bull shit, she prolly gav it up to my assistant
She’ll give it to me for the money, like a lotto ticket
Meheh, materialism and betrayal
Is this what I’ve been dreamin of since I was just a day old?
My friends are wonderin, will he every be the same though?
They feel me change by the minute, like a payphone
I used to be a simple man with a simple life
But all the splendor ain’t real, Crystal Light
Now all this green that once shined is my kryptonite
I wonder if I’d change a thing if I lived it twice

Sin City
Sin City
Sin City
You don’t even know, how I lose myself
Even I can’t tell
Is this heaven? Or is this Sin City?

There’s smoke in the mirror, no light in my eyes
No concept of time
And there ain’t no more substance but the substance I drink in my glass
She hid the rubbers from me
My bourbon nearly finished off, she brings another for me
She whispers in my ear, her clothing disappears
She says the pleasure’s better than pain, don’t let it interfere
I barely hear my phone buzzin over the slow fuckin
Missed calls, don’t even take em from my own mother
Great friends are now replaced by the fake friends
No room for family, even though my heart is vacant


Remember when they tried to tell me I was pipe dreamin
That dynamite season, knew any second I was gonn blow like breathin
Now I’m surrounded by these bloodsucking type leeches
Try to weed em out cuz they inhale like demons
The paranoia grows when they put the camera’s on ya
Sometimes I think about my ex but never dare to call her
Ok maybe I drunk dial from a different number
I wonder if she’s thinking of me like I’m thinking of her
And now I’m thinking of her, these model bitches drinkin up my liqeuer
Whores, so get the fuck out, don’t sit on my bed
I kinda wish I was dead
I lost my head on a train headed for Grand Central Station
And call back home, let em know they can cancel my reservations
I’m headed for the sin city where the money flows like purple rain
I’m headed for the sin city where the money flows like purple rain

Track Name: Outro (Resumé)
Voli, come in
Let’s get started
I have youre resume in front of me
Do you have anything to add? Any…questions?

Did I do it right? Or was it just pretend, well it depends
Is this the end or the beginning of my life
And as my casket lowers down, will they look back at me over the ground
And maybe cry?
I see the faces of my enemies, my friends eventually I sacrificed
Memories flash before my eyes, the final act before my demise
And all I can ask before I die is

Will I rise before I wake, will I die before I lay (yah)
Before I lay, ay, ay
In the end will my heart outweigh the things I never say
What will it say on my resume? My resume, my resume

I never thought it’d be like this, nearly broke, no deal yet
Good things comes to those who wait? Um, how come it ain’t here yet
Lifestyles of the pissed and the fameless, stuck in the office with the staplers
Papers, TPS reports, helluva resume that shit is shameless
But I reached that verdict, the jury is in
Decided that suit right there won’t be the same suit they bury me in
Resume of passion, experienced in the laws of attraction
Spare me the funeral, I will be more than the usual corpse in a casket


Huh, never was religious, but I believed in being a good man
But some wounds are deeper than quicksand
Funny how when you become what you think you’re supposed to be, then it’s and issue
The ones that you thought would support you, they only believe in it when it’s official
But I apologize (apologize) the ones I’ve hurt
Take a look into my mama’s eye’s (my mama’s eyes) and to the ones I’ve birthed
Hope I made you proud (made you proud) just know I did my best (did my best)
Know you only live once, but we can die a million deaths

(Hook 2X)
Track Name: The Storm*
See on the low I told the Game I was coming
Told Fame I would love her
Told the money we should be friends
So we exchanged numbers
I guess I shoulda gave the rest of yall the same notice
I'm driven like the greats,
must of had the same chauffeur
Single passion, double life
middle class, simple life
working man in disguise
Clark Kent business type
suit is on, then at night
I'm Superman with the Mic
money is my kryptonite
Ready for change, like that register machine
will i get it, it remains to be the question in my brain
Moment of doubt i dismiss it like a bell
If you thinkin im a fail, Lets B-Real, Cypress Hill
Yah, soon as I get a deal, phone starts ringing
now these women all fiending like they never saw penis
Man on the Moon they wanna give the kid cudi
I love her down and beat it up like Bully

So let me put it in perspective
for you rappers and producers in the game
you see i'm movin in your lane
Your career looking like dem tighty whiteys, brief
My music touch ya soul like the Nikes on your feet
This game is talkin in my ear like its automated
I play it like a PS 3, I oughta (auto) save it
See I'm a nerd, I read alotta words,
A penny for my thoughts, a million dollars earned
and blah blah blah, see i can say whatever
and whatever I drop will get your lady wet,
like rainy weather
You keep her dry like your name was umbrella,
I'm the face of forever
I got the gift like it was late December
or the 8th of September, Happy Birthday to Me
Sampler was nothing,
wait till you see what lurks up my sleeve
This new rookie Voli sounding like a veteran,
crept up in this motherfuckin game
and I'm here to win
Track Name: Redemption*
Forget fear, 2011 is here
My enemy appears, starin’ me dead in the mirror
We don’t talk, Deaf in the ears
A hundred words can be said in the shed of tear
I pour the pain on the page like liquor
And give the pen fuel so the flame lights quicker
The flame might flicker, but it ain’t goin’ out like a late night sitter
I’m takin’ haters out like a date night dinner
But I’m the one eatin’
Life is a bitch but she don’t come easy Yahh
Double life I’m a part-time jobber
Full-time dreamer nearly woke after college
Coulda went to grad school, coulda had honors
I woulda been a 6’3 black Van Wilder
Sittin’ on campus, livin’ in the past
Hittin’ on girls of the incoming class
Ugh, no thanks for the offer
I’m built like a shark. I can only move forward
Never thought I’d work a 9 to 5 after school though
Life’s like that, can’t plan it (planet) like Pluto
And through it all, still, I never quit
Never gave it up, boy, I’m celibate
I no longer treat the art like a hobby
Waitin’ so long, can’t treat it like a lobby
Nuttin better than an idea realized
First time in my life, I feel ALIVE, I feel ALIVE

Yahh I wonder if my high school self would approve of the life I live
Wonder if I told him the key is to believe, would he even take heed to the advice I Give
But time is money, cash don’t wait
So it makes sense (cents), the past don’t change
So I stop living in it, lemme move out
I’ll always regret what I never do now
Love my girl, love my family
Got a grade A team, never had a plan B
Call it REDEMPTION, this is my soul
Time will fly every second I don’t
Every second I don’t, so let me fly, let me fly
Track Name: Midnight (Prod. J. Cole)*
Hats off to ya
See in the meanwhile as I’m stuck in this limbo between heaven and hell
I choose to handle these bars like a prisoner in jail
You haters dear to me, you saw the headlights
Now put your hands together and call it midnight
Yeah, now call it midnight
See in this life you live and you learn
Get your paper before you know it you finish your term
Will you be staying for the full semester?
You’ll probably never have class
Email the professor
Soon as they feel the pressure poof they disappear, look
See this is real shit, quote it in a yearbook
I’m on some Braille shit
In other words I know you ain’t seeing me but you feel me
I milk the game whatever don’t make me stronger will kill me
As time is speeding, metabolism is slowing
My belly rhymes with jelly, my abdomen is a poet
Everyday forget my age, those numbers seem blurry
Ask anyone after 21, you’re basically 30
I still ain’t old as my dream is, still as cold as a freezer
And yet the hard times here make me grow like a penis
Voli Oli, does he like to party?
Um, I’m not like these other rappers out here, I’m sorry
Too busy braggin about the Patron that they be sippin
If you switch it with some Jose bet they wouldn’t know the difference
Lifestyles of the rich and the famous
Is anything real, is it just entertainment?
I feel my conscience slip away
Forget my thoughts of yesterday
Goodbye yesterday
Goodbye yesterday
Now put your hands together call it midnight
And say your goodbyes before midnight

Now who am I?
Voli the 9 – 5er
Heat up that in pasta (imposter)
Penne Alla Vodka
Google my name, you’ll probably find vodka
Next year I’ll be the first 25 pop ups
I’m on the rise you see me racing up the wall
Haters looking’s like August how they waitin’ for the Fall
Voli for serve hit the ball and let it loose on ‘em
You know its love til I go and drop a deuce on ‘em
Uh, uh, uh, no one as real as him
Uh manslaughter, don’t even try but I’m killin ‘em
Your boys are lying, you got ‘em reading from cue cards
Like “Yeah, Voli’s good, but he don’t do it like you, dog”
Epic fail, see that’s that epic fail
Shit if ya’ll don’t know got a flow so cold that I may as well make it hail
I’m something different, baby I’m something different
That regular life been killing me since I was just an infant
No hotel, I go in (inn) without a budget
Deal or No Deal, tell Howie he can suck it
My team restless, like “Why are we waiting?”
But when you’re this sick, man, you gotta be patient
Track Name: For the Fam HHG Freestyle*
Hip hop game yeah
(I just can't sit back and watch our family die)
Nouveau Classique
Now Listen to the prayers of this rat racing mothafucka on the edge
tryna get the green but he stuck up on the red

yellow lights slow him down ain't no thrill in life
pay the gas, pay the power for those ceiling lights
life's a bitch but I data (date her) like them kilobytes
and have her wetter than a plumber, she can fill (feel) the pipe
and then i make her mine, you see the state of mind

of a man making stars circle him when they align, Yahhh
I'm in that 0-3 Camry, visualizing myself on the road to the Grammy's
10,000 hours on the craft i'ma outlier

you haters cross dressing, how can you Doubtfire
that mean you gon miss us, i'm sorta like a farmer
produce my own  beats, gettin bread whole wheat,
Clark Kent Superman, I'm the shit, you the fan,
hitem like a tidal wave, I don't give a hoover dam

(I just can't sit back and watch our family die) 
 Yeah, and every day I go to work I never stop believin
Nouveau Classique

This might be What we're looking for
one brick at a time baby

One brick at a time,  let's build
We can't doubt ourselves anymore
And I'm never going back
But it comes full circle, i be running on the track

I came far from the little young nerd, from the burbs,
I became Voli, I hit em with the serve

Simple life, 9 to 5 grind but the boy has talent
I hunger for the change with a overdraft balance

that ol newcomer, he on the job again,
He took a four year break, now he clockin in
Game over, my nuts hang lower
Buddy you ain't the shit, but you got the same odor

And my family, is so real, no grammy's, no deal

but we're ready for the spot light, we gon steal
We attack no Shaq, but I bet you all kneel (o'neal)
my shit make your neck hurt like a good hickie
preferably listen with a snifter full a good whiskey
and let it rock baby, I never stop baby
Everybody knows (nose) we bout to blow, tissue box baby

(I just can't sit back and watch our family day)
Uh, nah, never, we got sumthin too special her,
Let's keep goin 


Uh yeah I do it for the family
Uh, yeah, nouveau classique


like that, uh, shout out to Elite, Dreamville
Nouveau Classique
Vic, the best manager
Everybody that supported me, everybody that is supporting
blah blah blah