Glass Doors (Sampler)

by Voli

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“You know the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: ‘Did he have passion?’”

A native of New Jersey, Voli grew up with an affinity for the arts. Getting his musical start as a rapper, Voli honed his lyricism while internalizing the tastes of his favorite producers of the era. Voli focused on rapping for several years before deciding to shelf his lyrical talents in order to cultivate his production. After mastering Hip Hop production, he worked on developing his style, introducing more Pop, Rhythmic, & Rock into the mix, expanding into a sound with an individual and distinctive style. Despite this growth, years of producing songs to suit the needs of other artists and struggling to find placements led Voli to realize there was no one better to get on his tracks than himself. The hunger to share his vision as an all-encompassing artist began to grow. His point of view captures the struggling artist, the college grad wondering how to find a job in this economy, the worker in the cubicle counting down the minutes until 5:00 – anyone who has felt like they’ve put their dreams on hold to deal with reality. Now ready to create his own reality and inspire others to do the same, Voli is embarking on a true artistic journey as a producer, songwriter, and lyricist. Glass Doors, Voli’s debut sampler, is just the beginning... join him on his musical Odyssey.


released September 8, 2010

Album Credits:

Art Direction: Juan C. Ricourt

Mixing: Voli, Elite (1)(7)

Photography: Serena Shkreli, Joey Maguire

Management: Vic Lopez
Nouveau Classique, LLC.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Glass Doors (Prod. Voli)
"Glass Doors" (Prod. Voli)

Yea, yo check it out, I view the game with a pair new frames
and an attitude change so I dare to do things like a leader.
But I won't share the kool-aid
and I'm sitting on gold like a fairy goose egg
Can you feel it?
No cash for me, it's a freebee.
I do it neutron no charge,
cash money, like weezy, now I'm getting wheezy.
Need a ventilator, flow tight gotta breath in.
I'm the best shit you never hearda
I'm guilty of the murder of the beats
and the microphone piece is the burna.
And you can be the juror, I'm creepin like a burglar
I take the competition and delete 'em like a cursor.
It's so easy but I don't do it too much,
I like rap, I write a verse every two months.
Still number one I be pissy with these other dudes
get it man I be shittin on these number twos.
Name Voli very nice to meet ya,
uh, my soul deep like a barry white feature.
The best kept secret in the game why keep it?
But you don't hear me though,
you need the right speakers.
I was a little chubby boy with a funny voice.
I could've been the quiet kid I made the other choice.
Tried to tell me I couldn't do it,
but I did it then,
now the industry doesn't give a damn but I'mma get it in.
Now listen up I'm no rags to riches,
no college dropout, yea I passed the quizzes,
no braggin bout flippin, no trashin women,
if you don't like it you can take my whole ass to kiss it.
And w in a new millennium, two zero,
I came a long way from tryin to be the new Primo,
and I was hot sellin them beats, but it got cold quick,
I'm on that toilet seat, gotta rock my own shit.
HAH, Word play like scrabble,
I slay you like cattle if you raid my castle,
I bang my gavel, the cage might rattle,
snake bite venom made him cry like tattle
The day I battle I hang like tassle,
when you war with me u can hang like saddam,
yeah, and you can taste my gravel, you livin in the past,
your roommate is my shadow, That old new comer,
nu hop veteran, you not better than this new hot gentleman.
You hot tempered like phew,
I'm sweating him, He too cold for that flu shot medicine.
Man you see these shoes I'm stepping in.
You cannot get up in 'em, You are not well equipped.
A&Rs are like DO NOT LET HIM IN,
locked door I'm on the rooftop slippin in.
Sheer magic, 12 years rappin, still here yappin,
Record deal still absent.
But I got a real real passion door won't open
I'll be here when it shatters.
Track Name: Sunrise feat. Elite (Prod. J. Cole/Voli)
"Sunrise Feat. Elite" (Prod. J. Cole/Voli)

Hey wake up, sunrise is coming up.
I tell em let him get his legs like a new born,
fit himself let him get his suit on and feel like a gentleman.
Stand on his two own,
never be the tutor just let him be the future
instead of being the ruler.
You can set him free to do the things he never dreamed sooner.
He gotta be his own man.
He'll never be what you was, ya better be cooler,
cuz negativity can spread better than a rumor
and you can be the root of what be spreadin like a tumor
or you can be the root of something heavenly to bloom up
and blossom like a concrete flower.
The challenge of everyday inspiration is no fallacy
feeling like I'm Tony on the balcony
lookin at the world looking out at me.
Hoping that it's proud of me,
hopin that I get the chance to show another side of me.
I could work a nine to five, I don't mind,
I could either try to shine and get in the college grind.
Bottom line is I don't got a lot of time
this is why I came out the womb.
And every day out's a new way to prove that I'm the new wave.
Cookin up the sweetness it's something like a soufflé,
clear like a blue ray.
The sun ain't set till the sun shine
and I'mma keep the non believin suckers in the dark till sunrise.
From dark to sunrise, I will evolve
and sometimes remain the same when I say that...

I don't wanna wait for my life to be over
I gotta give myself a chance to be
what I knew I'd always be.
I don't wanna wait for those days when I'm older
and regret the time I wasted
so I gotta run to chase my dreams.

ayo the time we here is vital
So I ain't tryin' to idle
I'm just tryin' to to find whats missing
If its gone i'll guide you,
if you near I'll find you,
if it's fear I'll blind you.
If you ever stressing just know I'm right there behind you.
I know the world will get you spinning
but you still winning, you still grinning.
Glistening clear when you feel tinted
you deal with it you just hop up and bear it.
You never felt that you was there but you knew you was near it.
So go ahead move them clouds up out your eyes,
think bigger get it right up out those skies.
And no I, I won't lie, I can't tell you how to find your way
I barely know mine, I know mine...
But, I think I got it this one time
I seen the light so bright
I could get up out of this one blind.
From dark to sunrise, I will evolve
and sometimes remain the same when I say that...


Now I can barely look myself in the mirror
like a vampire starin.
I reflect in other ways
just like the light reflecting earrings.
And my life
disappearing in the night,
when I write,
it's like the sweetest thing,
just me and my mic (mike),
and I'm ike.
Got that good and plenty music for the soul
I produce my own heat
but I can do it through the Cole.
See I'm forever tryna develop like a toddler,
tryna get up on his own
and this road will be my Autobahn forever.
No breaks, no limit, go get it, live life
this is what you hear for go finish,
dream big let your mind be a kid, unscarred.
Never let anybody's reality become yours.
I know it's ok now to do it my way
I can start from today
with every brick I lay.
And build that wall till sunrise, I will evolve
and always remain the same when I say that...

Track Name: Dey Know Freestyle
"Dey Know Freestyle"

It's time to do something a little different, you ready?
Hello hello do they know I tell em.
Tryna wake em off that pillow
they be late on me like Leno.
Why they hatin on the fellow.
Man they must be drinkin Cuervo
Motherfucker I'm genuine
when I get em imposters (in pastas)
thank me PREGO.
Man Voli go hard
ain't nobody seein me I'm sonar.
Hot when I'm in the zone, I'm solar.
So I shine like sun, no co-star.
Hola, hola, ellos saben, aint Puerto Rican, the Morenos ridin.
Seeing my future in a grey Mclaren
so souped up bet it taste like ramen.
Did college, got wasted,
got knowledge some girls got naked.
Freshman year, no aspirations
met a couple pot heads in high places.
Then I grew up, got sick, I threw up,
got a buzz no crew cut.
Waitin on my life like true love.
Everybody feeling me like group hugs
and them other boys suck like True Blood
and I seem so vein like blue blood.
I'mma big dog you a new pup
ayou stayed down I moved up.
I be on every wish list cuz Voli very gifted
and so I rap every twelve months, Merry Christmas.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hello, hello, they know they know.
Track Name: Tripwire feat. Aliah Sheffield (Prod. Voli)
"Tripwire" Feat. Aliah Sheffield (Prod. Voli)

You know the Greeks they didn't write obituaries,
they only asked one question when a man died.
Did he have passion?
Yea, I don't know, look.
They say you only live once,
can you define life?
Now can you really say you lived when the times right?
These are the paranoid thoughts of a young man
dreaming hanging on the line
like a strung pair of sneakers.
Drinking hard liquor like it's part of my religion.
Single malt sippin
got my vision all twisted.
Only way to deal with no way to pay the bills
student loans got me feelin like I'll never make a mill.
Dean, had so many dreams,
college grad but I feel like I don't know anything, man.
I could've been something major.
Now I can barely get a job with this major.
Uh, hey there professor can you write me up a letter,
recommend me to the sky
where there might be something better, thanks.
I'm so fly take me right up to the heaven gates
and maybe Jesus will write me up a resume.

I'm on a thin line balancing dreams and reality
one slip and this could be bad.
I see a tripwire I can't let fear discourage me.
I'm giving this all I have

And now the money's rolling in
but it's goin even quicker.
I blew my whole paycheck pretending I was richer
getting top shelf liquor
for this middle-class stripper, go figure.
I'm at the club with a fresh new blazer,
I'm tryna cut like a fresh new razor, man.
Open a tab that I closed after one order.
And babysit it all night like my own daughter.
Good taste, bad credit.
I nearly overdraft debit cuz they ain't no cash in it
but guess I'll pretend so the hard times seem better
look for the stars in them dark nights, Heath Ledger.
Fear failure, the test of a lifetime
some cheat and see their whole life pass right by em.
We wanna be millionaires, no life line.
Huh, now picture that like a icon.


That bucket list only getting longer
the simple life starts getting harder
and Uncle Sam ain't playing like a bench warmer.
Job interviews, cheap ties, rented suits,
living proof where the dreams die please God.
I ain't religious but I pray, can you sing to me.
My girl like Smigel tryna get a ring from me.
And Mom probably thinking I should probably be a doctor
they always testing me as if I need a proctor.
Pregnant girl, home alone no one to support her.
She give up on her dreams, tryna live em through her daughter.
Recession keep a bachelor from trying get his masters.
Undergrads scared they don't wanna be no graduates.
Working man, come of age, qualified, underpaid,
boss man fuckin with him he don't get another raise.
Want it? Better get it
ain't nobody tryna give it.
Life's cold, cryogenic better put the fire in it like...

Track Name: Heartache Freestyle (Prod. Elite)
"Heartache Freestyle" (Prod. Elite)

Big nigga, lyrically though im fitting in a slim niche
with a league of his own like Vince did it
but we ain't dealin with the XFL
im bout to blow like i took my first breathe exhale
and breath dynamite, get your hate on
Voli came on under the radar, like what he wait on,
one equator, not enough for the level of heat i bring
and im the king at the top of pyramid like Bernie Madoff, uh,
but many times i wonder, now even though im living good
can they see my hunger
or will they be the one to flush em down and keep em under
hey this is big shit droppin you gonn need a plumber
you see the stomach the belly is tighter
and honey flirtin hard cuz im resemblin Tiger
but i aint cheating honey i dont expect to retire
Sonny go and get em the driver, maybe the nine iron
ima send this shit flying let Elite breathe

Aye you ain't gotta cry, don't worry 'bout me
I know it won't be long 'fore you know about me
My head's to the sky and I'm on my grind
I'm reachin' for the clouds, tryna take what's mine
Take what's mine
Hey, hey

Hey now call it a blessing, I lift off the ground
i'm reaching for the sky, now I'm sitting on clouds
what a show stopper no kinda regard for the critics
kinda like a mirage disappearing, they'll be gone in a minute
mind over matter those that matter don't mind
everything i will imagine will unravel over time though
until that moment im an animal, he primal
you on that bull I got that matador bravado
I pick apart the industry like an enemy target
in no particular order I'm beheading these artists
and his head is enormous, quite an effort to orbit
I'm paper chasin man, I'll try not to empty the forest
i wont be chillin til im sippin a piña colada
on the beach in the Bahamas or somewhere deep in the island
im that Fema provider you that Katrina survivor
you want that quality i bring that relief when I let Elite breathe
you damn right I let Elite breathe

Track Name: Solitary Confinement (Prod. Omen)
"Solitary Confinement" (Prod. Omen)

Nouveau Classique, Omen.
Check it, I saw my life flash before my eyes
and I was nearly blinded, alone at the top,
solitary confinement, yea solitary confinement
all alone I'm about to blow, clear the sinus.
Shoot, reminiscing on my college days,
marijuana, old e, lemon lime powerade.
Hit class, hour late, get back, marinate.
Lure honey ova with a big glass of Alize.
Double take with a whip lash, model shape.
I work her out and give her protein powder shake.
Simple days I appreciate them well,
have you ever felt you're meant for something greater than yourself?
Man, never believed in no religion
but the way I bless the track like a priest or a reverend,
does it mean I go to heaven?
You should lock me in a booth.
Went from red label, black label, Johnny Walker Blue.
To that single malt 62 Dalmore (whoo).
I only drink it neat though, Voli think in deep flows.
Those other itunes you might as well delete those
bet I take you to a higher level like a cheat code.

Nouveau Classique, Glass doors, look at me closely
you see the signs of the pain in my eyes.
I remain petrified and afraid that I'll lie in the grave with no pride to my name,
hope I die with a claim that I shined
as a king and that I lived a life of passion.
Now will I see beyond the fame
when those camera lights are flashing.
I don't know, will I change? Probably so.
You can ask Lady Gaga see that fame is a monster.
But to the ones who support I'll take you with me to glory
and hm to the ones who never paid attention, I'm sorry.
These rappers tryna ride, looking like some stowaways,
that new trash aint touchin my old throwaways.
Trini boy, six three, tall drink of water,
she tryna check my package out like a shipment order.
She on her knees like she praying, diocese.
I can eat long as kitty's hair short, Siamese.
No sex less we both in it for the long haul
other wise they tryna trap a brother like a arm bar.
I'm all alone in this four cornered hole
with that big city more than fifty miles down the road.
I was chasing my dreams now I jog steadily,
how can I lose the race with my whole life ahead of me?
Track Name: Deja Vu (Prod. Elite)
"Deja Vu" (Prod. Elite)

Uh, Nouveau Classique, take a seat, stay a while.
Hello, goodbye. Hello, goodbye.
Uh, lmma give you a flash real quick and then I'm gone.
Look, forget the past
the present is less predictable
I'd rather be a gift to the future for them to listen to.
Simple life, secretly I'm superman
early morning rat racer late night producer man.
Now I'm in the booth again looking like a full time artist.
A lot changed when that boy moved out of college.
Best shit you never heard,
they ain't expect it from the burbs
the fact that I got a nine to five profession is absurd.
Name Voli I hit em with the serve
my dinner just turned so I be droppin shit,
man I'm so immature.
Now when will it occur
to the fiend needin crack man I'm better than the curb.

And Dem ain't ready for me,
man I got something to say, for you, it's déjà vu.
Ya'll not ready for me,
Voli gonna give this place, a case of déjà vu.

Look, it's been a minute I admit it I'm rusty.
But when I get it in its like whippin that huffy.
Still ridin, shinin like silpada.
Waitin for my big break like I'm tryin to kill hymen.
Get it poppin, hello, hello Ms. Thang.
And I whip a good staff, Donatello, Ms. Thang.
That made her give me two sighs (sais), Rafael,
I can tell things were heatin down south Cozumel.
You know you can't lie, you know that man fly,
them other boys at the airport, standby.
Sick like he got a kootie (Kuti), Fela
But I aint stayin underground I'm a landmine.


Mira, I stay scheming, I'm at work day dreamin
Looking for that same feeling from the old days.
Sweeter than some OJ, I'm leavin on the soul train,
man They claimin rap dead, lemme re-open the cold case.
Déjà vu Déjà vu, how familiar,
got that old thing back, can't see it but I feel it.
No limit to the sky beyond that high rise ceiling,
nothing hold me to the ground got that wi-fi feeling.
God willin, Voli rose outta limbo,
now ain't no buddy fuckin with me like the friend zone.
Stupid flow, dumb hot, call it bimbo,
you still thinking you the hottest? I don't think so.

Track Name: Free feat. Jayro (Prod. Voli)
"Free" Feat. Jayro (Prod. Voli)

Hey, here we go now, it's Friday oh yea.
Call your friends let em know where we goin.

Forget yesterday baby,
I know today was hard life's driving you crazy.
Clear your mind let tonight be amazing
and you can be free, free, free, free.

Nouveau Classique not playing anymore
we some old athletes man.
Still driven like I own taxi
long time getting better like an old antique
but still hatin ain't nothing new, man.
The dinosaurs probably hated on the humans.
Get em, tear it up cheap linen.
Voli got bars, these kids can't get in.
Now will the truth ever set me free?
Now will the man in the mirror ever let me be?
No telling, missionary grind stay on top,
my position every time.
Honey so clean but she litter all the time
when the junk hit the floor I should hit her with a fine.
Suburb to the city I'mma shine,
feeling free like a judge acquit me of the crime.


Mmm yes you are.
Had a hard day at work go and hit that bar, baby.
We can live in the moment I freestyle life with a written diploma.
Survivin on superstar thoughts with a regular job
man I swear I'm getting outta here dead or alive, see.
And if I die I hope I have the decency to quit my job.
And rip my tie off middle finger flip my bars off
told ya'll I was gonna get my time off.
My girl probably gonna be mad as hell like,
"how we gonna pay for this marriage now?"
Well, baby, when I'm on I'll man up
and buy a ring so big your finger'll cramp up.
But for now honey let's toast to freedom
we'll be drinking all day no coaster needed.


Check it, shout to the young, independent women.
Alumni tryna make a independent livin.
Folks savin up for the kids tryna get em in a good school
anybody riding on a vision.
Could it ever be the same.
When we were kids those were the days.
So don't worry baby the past won't hurt you baby.
Be proud of yourself baby you only stress over things you can't control,
so why bother? Make sense right? Voli